TV's First Dungeon Master, B. Dave Walters Teaches You Professional-Level TTRPG Storytelling and Playing Skills in Only 14 Days


14 Day DM and 14 Day Player are the ultimate online courses for learning high-level table top role playing game skills for only $97 each, or $147 for both. Typically $194 (39% Off For Limited Time).

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"B. Dave Walters is THE first source of professional guidance and wisdom in tabletop whether you’re a writer or performer. You have something invaluable to learn from B. Dave no matter your experience level." - IsFriday.

"B. Dave Walters is phenomenal at weaving stories full of emotion. I have learned so much from him over the years that has made me a better Storyteller & Player." - Ari R.

"Learning from the best in the game how to BE the best. B. Dave's lessons are a masterclass in what to do [and what to steer away from, which is just as important] in the TTRPG space and to be able to learn the craft from him is amazing beyond words" - Kyle G.

What You'll Learn In These Courses

14 Day DM

  • Day 1: Mindset - Why Not You?
  • Day 2: The basics of running any TTRPG
  • Day 3: The basics of running D&D + Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Day 4: Intermediate strategies: Making a name for yourself 
  • Day 5: Homebrew and Worldbuilding - LESS IS MORE
  • Day 6: The Dark Arts of DMing: Becoming Feared and Loved
  • Day 7: Creating Mythology: Putting it All  Together
  • Day 8: The TTRPG Business - The Faster Horse
  • Day 9: The TTRPG Business - Tech and Production
  • Day 10: Performing and Improv as the DM
  • Day 11: Telling YOUR Story 
  • Day 12: Crowdfunding - Kickstarter & Indiegogo
  • Day 13: Patreon
  • Day 14: Final Thoughts + Bonuses
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14 Day Player

  • Day 1: Mindset - Why Not You?
  • Day 2: The Basics of Playing Any TTRPG
  • Day 3: The Basics of Playing D&D and Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Day 4: Intermediate Strategies: Guest Starring and One-Shots
  • Day 5: Intermediate Strategies: Carving a Legendary Backstory
  • Day 6: The Dark Arts of Playing: Becoming MVP
  • Day 7: The Dark Arts of Playing: Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. 
  • Day 8: The TTRPG Business - Getting Your Name Out There
  • Day 9: The TTRPG Business - Making the Phone Ring
  • Day 10: Performing and Improv as the Player
  • Day 11: Putting on the Mask of Your Character
  • Day 12: Deep Dive into Character Creation 
  • Day 13: The Stormwind Fallacy
  • Day 14: Final Thoughts + Bonuses
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Master the Game

Whether your goal is to become a TTRPG professional, or to amaze and astound the people at your table, I will teach you everything you need to know to take your game to the next level!

  • Any system
  • Any Genre
  • Whether you've been playing for decades
  • Or have never played before
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Whats Included In These Courses

Value Packed Video Tutorials

These courses includes dozens of value packed video tutorials making learning easier than ever before.

Expert Advice

I've recorded everything I know to take anyone from absolute beginner to TTRPG assassin. Whether you're DM, player, or producer, if you want to go pro, or just shock and awe the people at your table, I can help you get to the next level.

Lifetime access and updates

The game is always changing! As new things come out, like One D&D, etc., I'll keep adding to and updating these courses! 

Meet Your Instructor

Hi - I'm B. Dave Walters and just like you... I was born with ZERO TTRPG or performance skills.

After 5 years of working in the streaming space, tons of practice, trial and error I became the first DM for a campaign on television-Invitation to Party on G4 TV-and the DM for the cast of Stranger Things on Netflix Geeked, along with official projects for Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering for Wizards of the Coast, Vampire: The Masquerade / World of Darkness, Chaosium, Paizo, and many other major brands.

I have been blessed to break out in the TTRPG industry and become one of the very few, possibly only person to climb to the highest heights of the TTRPG industry across multiple games and genres, as player, storyteller, and producer...and built a 6 figure business along the way!

Today I'm sharing all my secrets in this program so you can do the same in 1/100th the time !

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Who This Course Is For

  • You are a go getter
  • You value time and following a proven plan

Who This Course Is NOT For

  • You do not value saving time following proven plans
  • Your aren't willing to take instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access?

How does lifetime access to the course sound?

What do I need to know before I begin?

Nothing! Whether you have never played or run a game, or have been doing so for years, these courses are for you. 

Is There A Guarantee?

Absolutely. We have a 30 day money back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied for any reason at all you can ask for your money back in full within 30 days of the purchase.

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